What can a Taylor Made Space designer do for you?

• Create a well-considered design strategy to make your desired transformation a reality.

• Show you how to improve the spaces that you have.

• Make an exciting difference that can change your lifestyle and improve lives.

• Realise the potential of what you have.

• Increase the potential value of your property.



We, the Taylor Made Space team, enjoy working with people and relish the personal engagement.  On a project, the approach is to involve the client in the process of finding the right solution.  This means that the designer will want to understand the client’s situation to gain insight on how to make their spaces work brilliantly for them. 

Many times the process will be exploratory, fun, energetic, intriguing, humorous and sometimes even provocative.  The aim is to provide the client with choices that address their brief in a cost effective and build efficient way. 

As architects and designers we are committed to sensible solutions with an added zing – something that will make a difference.  We are not slavish followers of any one design approach so we flex to the client’s brief and the site’s potential.   We have a high percentage of success at the planning permission stage.   

Feedback received from clients is positive and includes many accolades for helping them to see their spaces in new lights.  One even called the team “spatial geniuses”!

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